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We are looking for mature, friendly members of all ages. Couples and groups welcome :) Please click on the OPEN below to register your interest in joining up.

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Hearthstone of Eonar

Hearthstone is a friendly, mature raiding guild on Eonar EU which aims to see and clear all game content, and have a great time doing it! Our personal lives come first, and our expectations of raiders reflect this.

Many of us have been in-game friends on Eonar for years and years; and others are real life friends (and husband and wives!) too. Some have been here since the birth of the server, others are more recent joiners. However we all unite around the common goal of wishing to progress in a friendly, non-pressurized, professional and (most importantly) fun environment.

We've been around as a guild since the end of TBC, and managed to down all of the game content in Wotlk. We plan to continue doing that in TBC.
So if you're mature, easy going and want to raid all game content in a profesional yet relaxed manner, you belong with us.

Raid are Sunday - Thursday 20:00-23:00. 2 Raids a week required.

Come be a stoner, you'll love it!

Roi and officers

P.S - Hi, it's Jerri.

I've been asked to explain whats the deal with the turtle, so ppl won't think we're psychos. umm, well, i picked the turtle on the tabard (and now its on the guild's logo) coz it's an animal that has a house on her back, so it can feel at home wherever it is. that's how i see the guild - as a place where you can feel welcome, loved and appreciated, and feel happy to be in. umm, that's about it. it's kind of a girl thing i guess, sorry bout that :P

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Here we go!
04/12/2010 08:58 PM by Jerri

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Guild Event - Damsell in Distress!
01/12/2010 08:37 AM by roi

To celebrate the end of Wotlk and the coming of Cata, the Hearthstoners will embark on a special quest!!

Lady Damsell, daughter of Lord Felthey Rich, head of the trusties of Stormwind's bank, is the prettiest girl in Stormwind.
When Deathwing attacked Stormwind, the mallicious troll Mumbasa have kidnapped Damsell!
Since the armies of Stormwind are busy regrouping after the dragon's attack, her father turned to the girl's many suitors to come to her rescue.
The first suitor to find Damsell and defeat the evil Mumbasa will win Damsell's hand in marriage and also a nice reward from her father, the Lord Rich.

The search will kick off on Wednesday, 1/12/10 at 20:30 from Storwind Lake.
All suitors must be young man/women / gnome / dwarf / night elf ( Damsell is very open minded... ) - level 10 and below!
To help them in their quest, each suitor can be accomponied by up to 4 friends (of any level).
On the quest, the suitor and his companions will travel through many perilous lands, on which they will have to rely on their skills, game lore knowledge and team work to find and defeat the vicious troll and save Lady Damsell!

Who will be the one to find Damsell and win her heart?


ICC progress
20/02/2010 01:09 AM by Jerri

**Red turtles = 25 man - 10/12
**orange turtles = 10 man -12/12, Tha King has left the building!

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TotC Progress
21/10/2009 07:08 AM by Jerri

21/09/09. 10 cleared.
25/10/09. 25 cleared.

10 heroic - 2/4

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Ulduar progress
27/04/2009 11:29 PM by Jerri

more to come soon.

(bigger version - here)


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